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Two Story Garages

Pioneer Garages

The Pioneer style is our most economical garage, and with the scissor truss design it has more 1st floor overhead space than our other styles. The Pioneer garage is standard with a full 1st floor with engineered "scissor style" roof trusses and has no 2nd floor. If you need more storage space or a 2nd floor, check out our Cape Cod or Dutch Barn styles.


Cape Cod Garages

If you prefer an a-frame roof style but still need a 2nd floor, the Cape Cod is perfect for you. Although it has a little less 2nd floor storage space than the barn style, it is a popular choice and may look better on your property as most homes have similar roof styles. If you need more storage space you can upgrade to a full 2nd floor instead of the attic truss which has limited 2nd floor storage space.

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Dutch Garages

(Attic View)

Custom Styles and Carports

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